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Do you ever feel like you are being watched… you possibly are? Even as you read this. Whether you’ll know you’re on CCTV is another matter altogether. CCTV cameras can be extremely discreet and often covertly fitted these days. With camera systems now considered vital for many businesses the estimations on the amount of UK CCTV cameras are very wide ranging. In 2008, former shadow Home secretary David Davis estimated there were around 4.2 Million cameras in the UK. Later in 2011 DCC Graeme Gerrard Cheshire Constabulary (the ACPO lead on CCTV) of Cheshire Constabulary declared that the number of working cameras was less than half of that. Our own belief, also shared with our governing body The ‘British Security Industry Association’ is that there are now in excess of 4 million CCTV cameras fitted across the UK. The case for CCTV is overwhelming, offering a unique security solution, these systems are now fitted commonly by businesses, organisations and home owners alike.

We’ve been providing CCTV since it first came to the market. The acquisition and integration of Ikon CCTV in 2006 has greatly improved our knowledge of CCTV. Ikon has now become an even better company now as part of Mono Fire and Security. Over the years we have seen no end of poorly installed systems, ineffective equipment and careless design. Each flaw dangerous enough in its own right; together they can spell disaster. More than just giving you a false sense of security, poor quality systems leave you wide open to the threats that you were trying to prevent in the first place.

With loop recording over weeks or often months our systems will not require any daily setup. When the time comes to review recorded images you will realise how effective your system really is. With our specialist sales team we will ensure that our systems are properly designed with lighting, blind spots and coverage all considered. The most effective systems are maintained systems. Keeping your cameras clean, focused and correctly positioned in their changing environments will ensure the quality of your recordings and the accessibility of them too!  Aftercare and ongoing maintenance is offered to new installations and takeovers alike.

If you already benefit from a CCTV system we can offer callout and maintenance visits. We also offer service contracts to non Mono installations once a pre-maintenance check has been carried out.

Times have changed… Did you know we can install systems with remote access? Mono CCTV systems have many new and useful features great and small. Even a one camera system can now be viewed from your smart phone. High security sites can be connected through to remote receiving centres, offering real time surveillance and detector operated notifications. Operation of horns, gates and doors and full control of cameras can all be carried out by trained professionals before any threat ever occurs. Emergency services and key holders will only be notified only as necessary, saving both time and money.

We can offer a wide range of analogue and networked I.P solutions tailored perfectly to your needs and objectives. Static dome cameras, to full telemetry controlled and even wireless solutions (all of which can be fitted internally and externally) are amongst the products we supply. We can also supply detector operated systems, detection buried in the ground or acoustic sensors. With ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) systems installed too, we have a wealth of experience installing and maintaining systems and that’s why so many organisations turn to us for their CCTV. British Gas, British Waterways and numerous council’s and local authorities all trust our expert staff with their security.



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